it’s a force field

October 29, 2014

Scuba gear musn’t always involve water, as we fashionistas all very well know. Dive and explore into the magical greenery presented before our eyes on the daily. Just because air was demanded our domain for breath doesn’t make it any less of a gift. Open your eyes and explore the wondrous force fields; feet on the ground, head in the sky, and body immersed into the green and serene ~
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Fashion, Lend & Trend


September 19, 2014

Hello dehoarding season. As I’ve recently moved up to NYC to pursue my career within the creative industry…it is time to let go of my threads and pass them on to you to continue to spread the love in! Comment below on items that have caught your interest. XO
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April 30, 2014

My best girls from RVA headed down for the 8 hour drive to have the weekend of our life… however, things got all bojangled when they were 75 miles out from surfacing in Hotlanta and a Jeep grill was in the middle of their highway lane. In a small sedan going 70 mph, bad bitch Mel swerved to the right…..where she found an 18 wheeler and swerved to the left (like a boss). However, the three girls and the sedan fell in the median, spun out, and busted out the 8 poles, as well as the windshield and passenger window. Shit was nearly lethal and I was SLEEPING during all of this!!!! Guardian angel, Donna [and fam,] literalllllly rescued my beloved biddies.
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