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Jingle Belle

Hammered gold, reworked vintage necklace. A touch of elephants and TUSKan feels. Vintage brass | Acrylic. 


Enjoy the paradox and rock on with this agate golden pair of unique clip-ons. As above, so below. Vintage | Brass | Agate.

Fan No Evil

Fan away all evil with this soulection. Arc of quartz, greek medallion, with a touch of hamsa. Find no other like it. Fear you shall not.   Brass | Vintage | Acrylic.


Play on words of our main squeeze, Neytiri, from James Cameron's Avatar. Brass | Seedbeads | Acrylic.


Glorify your wrist by slapping a druzy on top.    Hammered brass | Ornate chain | Angel aura druzy.


Big amethyst vibes ornately wire wrapped to heal and help with physical ailments, emotios, and balancing the crown chakra. Channel your highest self with this spirituality inclined dense piece of rock! Brass | Amethyst | Soldered

Third Eye Blind

Custom just for you. Choose your wondrous color of druzy for this multi-layered goddess crown. Brass | Druzy.

Heavy Metal

Rock out and catch all eyes on your hand in the air with this gem. Brass | Metallic raw quartz.


Our tears are made of gold, with a twist of rainbow. Gold plated brass | Glass.