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Enjoy the paradox and rock on with this agate golden pair of unique clip-ons. As above, so below. Vintage | Brass | Agate.


When the feather fad comes back through - it's that Iris Maya one hit wonder.   Costume components | Genuine feathers.


Play on words of our main squeeze, Neytiri, from James Cameron's Avatar. Brass | Seedbeads | Acrylic.


Scatterbrained beauty - recycled vintage components re-purposed into the perfect balance of statement and classic.   Brass | Vintage.


Our tears are made of gold, with a twist of rainbow. Gold plated brass | Glass.


Cleopatra vibes with these dense druzy clip-ons. Channel the queen! Hammered brass | Electroplated Druzy.

Metal Flora

Vintage stamped brass floral earrings.

Fender Bender

Vintage guitar picks. Made by our creator, worn with musicians #BeatsAntique episode coming in hot! Brass | Vintage | Acrylic.

Yazmin Earring

Matching our stunning Yazmin necklace with this statement earring. Vintage | Brass | Acrylic.