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Iris Maya provides an unprecedented match of next-lev e-Commerce paired with the unfiltered personality of the NYC-based live music host. If you're around these parts, chances are you've already met or seen her swagged out head-to-toe, roaming between backstage interviewing your favorite DJs and fanside adorning you with fairy dust. After getting bombarded for her style secrets IRL, she was encouraged by her tribe to take all the effervescent vibes worldwide. 
Both as a store and as a brand, Iris Maya serves as your guide who reveals and reflects the light in you...who tempts you to be all that you inspire, inside and out!



Let us take you under our wings to enjoy the bubbly ride!


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No hierarchies here ~ we are universal #NAMASTE. To us, you are all “influencers” and “public figures” in your own unique light, which is why we look forward to starring you on our socials and site in newfound ways via the hashtags of each collection, as well as our special events and hosted concerts coming 2019!

Stay chuned!