Iris Maya is an ornate, organic lifestyle brand and blog promoting ethereality and enlightenment, righteousness, and rave through jewelry design, fashion styling, eargasmic tunes and cosmic bliss. 

Iris, the mythological rainbow goddess, radiates divinity to the line as she beams colorful rays of light. She possesses air and water elements. Maya, the renown, indigenous culture and ancient Hindu goddess, brings the warrior to the line, a rainbow warrior if you will. She possesses earth and fire elements. Together, Iris Maya brings a fluid wind to the air as she emits an ethereal and fierce vibe, understands the balance and beauty of nature, and adorns with a creative and mystical twist that captivates the eyes, the windows to the soul.


The Greek word iRis translates as rainbow. Iris, in ancient Grecian mythology, was the winged goddess of the rainbow, bursting of color as she coincided with the sun’s graceful touch. She was the messenger of the heavens,  whose purpose was to bring warmth and creativity to life on Earth. She was humanity’s link to the Gods. She shared all the colors in a perfect arc with the sun’s kiss after she frolicked with the waters in the sky. Iris too means ~eye of heaven~ and is an eternal flower that exists in all colors of our visible spectrum.The flower represents hope and wisdom, and exists as an aid essence for creativity, for it births and rebirths in a cyclic and infinite flow. Ancient Egyptian kings marveled in the iris’s exotic nature, and drawings have been found of the flower in a number of Egyptian palaces. Lastly, Iris is the circular, colorful part of the eye. The Iris is responsible for controlling the diameter and size of the pupil and thus, controls the capacity of Light & Vision that enters the internal mind and self. The Iris of the Eye ~ the window to the soul & portal to heaven. 
The sanskrit word,  Maya, translates as illusion. She was sought as the deity of the Material Universe, the Mother of Creation, the Weaver of the Web of life. She was present in  Nepal, Tibet, the Himalayas, all throughout Asia and pertinent in ancient Hinduism and Buddhism. Maya possessed intelligence, consciousness, creativity and magic. She was the “illusion” that created the ignorance of the individual self in order for the individual to realize that we are of with the universe, that our oneness with it is the reality. This illusion created by Maya is so the self can experience this separation first hand and transmute the ‘idea’ of illusion into an understood oneness that we are a part of the cosmic whole, for “the earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth,” (Chief Seattle). This realization is understood as ultimate enlightenment. Maya is the aid for humans to realize this illusion. She grants the Conscious the ability to lift the veils of material in order to reveal the true nature of our universe: spiritual oneness. Ultimately, Maya allows us to see that there is no distinction between the self and the cosmos for “we are all made of stars,” (Carl Sagan). We as a collective planet must free ourselves from this illusion of separation and understand WE ~ ARE ~ ONE.
Maya is also one of the most renown ancient civilizations known to Earth.They are noted for the only known fully developed written language of pre-Columbian America, and also had an unfathomable ability to construct extraordinary architecture, art, and mathematical and astronomical systems . Though their precise calculations, foreseen predictions, and spiritual rituals remain beyond our complete comprehension, there is an inherent nature in human beings that will always remain intrigued and fascinated by this culture. Millenniums later, the Mayan calendar still remains a hot topic.  It was based around planetary cycles embedded in vast cosmic cycles that repeated endlessly. Though unknown to many, this was in fact the Pleiadian calendar that the Mayans recorded. Each cycle is divided into five 5,125 solar years. The year between the fourth and fifth cycle corresponded to completion of one full zodiac cycle, which is what the significant mark December 21, 2012 meant. Rather than the “world ending,” it represented that on this day, Earth begin to exit the Pisces constellation and enter into Aquarius. Legend says that this culture predicted by 2012, the Golden Age of Enlightenment would begin to fully prosper. A conscious network would thrive as many around the world would seek to vibrate harmony through our world and expand consciousness to bring forth the truth of unity. Humans would begin to tune in with the earth, the environment, all creatures and the greater cosmic order.  The prophecies of the Rainbow Warriors would come to life and restore Mother Earth’s health. This network would show the globe that we are divine beings of light living a human experience and are here to enjoy it as we unconditionally love one another.
These two notions stand as the crystalline backbones of the brand Iris Maya, as “she” brings a cultural union from ancient’s past into the present. Together, they allow her to bring a wind to the air that ever so fluidly emits a harmonious vibration that welcomes and sees into all. She is ethereal, yet fierce. She is tranquil, yet chaotic. She is primitive, yet futuristic. She is water, yet fire. She is yin, yet yang. She understands the beautiful balance of nature and tells a story by lavishing her Self through artistic and creative expression that syncs with her surrounding domain. As she mindfully adorns from head to toe, her organic yet mystical twist is bound to captivates all eyes, the windows to the soul.
With Venus as my ruling planet, I cultivate waves of positive emotion and yearns for everyone to starve the ego and feed the soul. I was born a May Fourth flower under theTaurus constellation, which is where the nebula Pleiades lies. This is the closest star cluster to Earth, making it the most striking to the naked eye. It is a sacred and special place in both ancient and modern cultures and has marked important calendar points for ancient peoples, such as the Maya.  In Egypt, Pleiades represented the “divine mother and lady of heaven,” and other studies have found that the Pleiadian people, the known ancestors to the Native Americans, are very concerned for Earth and its future, and exist solely off love and creativity. Chesley believes her aligned placement  within this sacred space is why she inherently channels this Pleaidean air. She is eager to see Earth and its people restore their wellness by collectively abiding by the truest laws of nature: unconditional love and spiritual oneness. Raised in a wonderful home free from the binds of a particular faith has allowed her to unveil this ultimate truth. She yearns for the world to understand the holistic ways of the universe, as did Leonardo DaVinci whose principles for developing a complete mind were:

“Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses, especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”



What is it? Why do we love it? How is it we connect with it?

In 1942, famous scientist, often associated with Einstein, Dr. Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” The whole of the Universe is energy, and each basic element of the known Periodic Table consists of energy vibrating at different rates (or levels). The difference between any two elements can be measured by its atomic structure and vibrational rate. The vibrational energy emitting from these atoms results in what are called frequency waves. These waves are an actual energy pulsating throughout the entire Universe. These vibrations can be harmonious or non-harmonious. When emitted harmoniously, life and consciousness form, which is why this form of energy is essential to all livings cells whether human, plant or animal. Constructive use of this energy raises the level of man’s consciousness and in turn, raises his vibration rate (or frequency). Law of physics: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. What we project from our mind in the form of thoughts, is what is created and received before us (otherwise understood as the Law of Attraction), which is why we must as one collective unit raise the vibration through harmonious interaction and emotion. It should be our goal to rid of vibrations non-harmonious, for they dissipate the life force (ether) or what I like to call the flow of the Universe. And it is through the art and science of MUSIC that I believe we as human beings are capable to keep the harmonious flow perpetual by fully understanding Plato’s peace of mind and Tesla’s discovery of the secret.
Music is soulfood, for EVERYONE. It is the interlocking of art and science projected from individuals who create soulful frequency waves that exit from their self, onto the instruments, and enter the ears, minds, and souls of the listeners. This exchange of energy inherently creates an incredibly harmonious vibration. Ever wonder why you feel the “good vibes” at a concert? Or when your favorite song is strumming? Or when there’s an uneasy silence and music comes on and everything feels at ease again? Each individual has a different rate of vibration, but when we come together to eat up the soulfood, we each see with the same hearts and ears, as our brains collectively trigger, our hearts pulse joyfully rises while our limbs flail in the air. We enter a cyclic and seemingly perpetual state of bliss and euphoric wonder; together, we unit and join a synergetic force; together, we surrender to the (beautiful) flow (of the music). Music brings us together and the harmonious vibration keeps us feeding for more. Ever feel like we were born to hear music? Or how doomed we would be without? Let us raise the harmonious vibration and come together as one collectively conscious network and dance to the music of Mother Earth. We are the one’s we have been waiting for. It’s time to WAKE UP AND TURN YOUR LOVELIGHT ON!


“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”  - Nikola Tesla 

Flow is my word choice for The Source, The Creator, God…the non-physical phenomena that shapes our reality, also theorized by Aristotle as ether. He understood (a)ether as the fifth element and force of the universe that energizes all living things and bonds the four elements into physical reality. This vibrational energy allows molecular compositions to bond into atoms that compose our matter make-up. Aether is something humanity cannot shape or see, but that which is felt. Without it, life and consciousness could not form. Flow creates ripples in the water, the breeze in the trees, the perfect pattern in the desert sand, the bird in the sky, a walk in the forest or a dive in the ocean. It is omnipresent, existing within each of us and all that in nature. Flow is the “Kingdom of God [within] you. -Jesus (Luke: 21).”



This is a picture of an ancient yogi seal from Mohenjo Daro, one of the largest settlements of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. In my Fall 2012 Ancient Asian art history class, I learned this was a master of yoga sitting in the lotus position and continue to learn about his erect phallus, the prototype of Hindu god Shiva. Our teacher knew we may ask why the underlying sexual meaning? She went on to say that the meditational practice yoga, originating in ancient Hinduism and gaining global popularity today, comes from the sanskrit word yogi. The ancient term means “to yoke, to join, to become one with,” like the center of an egg. It was practiced as the ridding from one’s ego, and realizing that the entire cosmos is situated within one’s body. This phallic symbol represents controlling the physical desires and ridding of the materiality of the ego. This yogi coexists with all things nature, observe the tigers, elephants, bulls, rhinos as he is encompassed by the four sacred cardinal directions. By yoking with yourself, you find yourself in the all living things. A practice where the sansksrit word namaste is chanted at the beginning and closing is a practice humans should engage in globally. This word means the soul in me recognizes the soul in you, I honor the light, love, beauty, truth and kindness within you because it is also within me, in sharing these things there is no distance and no difference between us, we are the same, we are one. While chanting, your hands come together and meet at the center of your forehead (third eye chakra) and then bow down towards one another. A union forms with those whom you practice amongst, exemplifying the ever present undifferentiated reality of unity.


Together, Yogi Flow allows one to morph their reality into an ethereality; a reality where every thing ordinary becomes non-ordinary and divine. Watching a flower blossom, a child laugh, a wave break on the sand is an incredible miracle rather than an act of normalcy. A lifestyle where the unified field is not a theory but an actuality.

Hearts open and coincide, boundaries expand as walls collapse. As one adapts to the yogi flow, their pulsation, sensation, and vibration sync with the forces of nature through the heart of understanding and love.


Some of the best things in life are left unsaid and unseen which is why we close our eyes when we kiss, cry, or dream…”

Emotions are the combination of electricity and magnetism (electromagnetism) as they attach and attract to other forms of vibrating matter. The mind (vibrating matter) instinctively syncs with electrical currents emitted from themselves and affectively spread it onto others which creates magnetic energy we call emotions. Emotions, or energetic feelings, dictate the entire energy field of your Self and provoke your thoughts and words. This invisible yet powerful wave of science is the reason why emotions overpower words for they trigger thought whereas words follow thought. Where our problem lies: the world is feeding themselves with words and labels rather than emotion….a paradoxical “unnatural natural,” if you will. Though emotions may be invisible to the human eye, they are extremely powerful seeing that they dictate the visible. Were we to direct our attention to these energy fields and make the conscious effort for our global vibration to flow harmoniously, our world would begin to see a better place.
LOVE is the ultimate emotion we live and strive for and off of. This unseen but powerful energy creates waves of harmony and harmonia, the Greek personification of the order and symmetry in the universe. Love derives from these energy fields as it is felt inside the body and then fluidly radiates into the physical plane. We are all familiar with love. We all have it, we all want it, we all spread it, we all live for it. Dr. Masaru Emoto, a researcher and alternative healer from Japan, found through an experiment that love is an emotion consciously comprised of sacred geometric patterns, observe Emoto’s discoveries below:
“We all know that some people believe that wellness and harmony is linked to human emotion and mental well-being. Well, recently it has been discovered that sacred geometry plays a roll in this. According to a webpage article by Tom Kenyon, M.A., the human body emits universal wave forms, called “Essentic Forms,” while experiencing certain emotions. It turns out that the emotion of love has a ratio of the Golden Mean. It has been found that when a person experiences this emotion of love (by which we mean platonic love, not romantic love), the DNA in the nucleus of cells becomes more orderly. This order of DNA directly affects disease and health. If more research concludes the same findings, then we will be able to control our health by the emotions we experience and subject ourselves to. Western medicine has not yet recognized the link between emotion and health. However, it does realize that more than 85% of illnesses are stress related.”
“The entire universe IS consciousness and this consciousness is love. As human beings, we can be in alignment with this consciousness or out of step with it. To be in alignment with the consciousness of love is to fulfill our purpose. Love is the meaning of existence itself.” Love is encoded in nature as it creates a conscious union of harmonious vibrations manifested into a physical reality that we can consciously perceive. It is everywhere…in the trees, the water, our veins. Love is in the seasons, the rain drop, the snowflake. Love is in the light from the sun that permits life on Earth. If love has a ratio of the golden mean, this must mean that love is the comprising component of the Fibonacci Sequence that dictates the architecture of our universe through the golden mean equation.
We exist because of love, and as we exist, love is what makes us feel complete and literally boosts our immunity. We play, we dance, we are, because of love. We watch films about love, we listen to songs above love, two spirits meet and fall in love and they then make love, and create offspring that they love, and that offspring repeats this cycle. Love is the key component that keeps this marvelous universe spiraling in a perpetual and cyclic flow.
This lingering paradigm built of fear and stress is holding back not only human progress, but the progression of our Earth and universe. Let us see the ever present synchronicity in nature, be it birds in the sky, trees in the wind, ants on the ground. Let us be unified into harmonious vibration. Let us aim for all things LIGHT. This fear is dark, it is heavy, it is sufferance. Let us float, let us enlighten, let us ignite the flame of spiritual love!
The higher consciousness is about the evolution, emergence and balance of the two brain hemispheres, left (masculine) and right (feminine), to become completely harmonized and unified with our Creative Source. We will be able to link emotions (right brain) with action (left brain) and create a world that interacts with the rest of creation with no perception of separation.
…. on this road to ascension, we must understand that “we are transcending the ego into the soul, the mind [is] merging with the heart…..thinking to feeling….to create the bridge to the spiritual world —- we are unifying the dimensions ; the polarities ; we are dislodging the old paradigm that was laced in fear and transcending the soul into divine love for we are all connected inside this tangled web, inside the crystalline energy of the core mantle of mother earth ; we are in the process of unification with all the dimensional planes of ethereal realms — inside the heart lies the key – we are coming together as ONE.’’


Albert Einstein expressed, “A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to enhance all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”
The current paradigm is still living in this prison, where its tenants cage its prisoners from these expansive views as they build “the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility” – Ephesians 2:14. When you decide to unplug from this delusional matrix and retrieve your freedom, your narrative of space will be transformed (and transcended).
Discovering this omnipresence and abundance of love, of flow, of consciousness has allowed me to see a divinity in ALL things for “human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper,” – Einstein.  This divine spark allows even the simplest of things to humor, to touch, to create everlasting happiness. The qualms do not exist.

So, SHIGGLES is here for you to be humored and touched and happy because
Everything is MAGICAL and WILD and FREE and FLY AS FK.

We live to be free, to do what we love, to be surrounded by people we enjoy, to engage in activity that uplifts our spirit. We dance, we eat, we sing, we play, we party, because we L I K E to. LIVELY UP YOURSELF!


The only TRUE laws are those of physics. And the utmost important, is the Golden Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is what we call cause and effect ladies and gentlemen. Hashtag karma IS REAL. BE RIGHTEOUS AND ALL THINGS RIGHTEOUS WILL COME YOUR WAY. No B.S, I experience it first hand. This can occur with or without, but I have come to learn how much meditation and yoga can undoubtedly aid with this law of attraction as you absorb and emit positive vibrations and shy off the negative.

I hope for these photos to put a smile on your face.

en L I G H T en and I L L U M I N A T E
i shine my light and i spread the love.

Were those in prison to escape and replace the constricting bars of uncertainty and fear of the unknown with curiosity there would be no divide, no barriers, no walls of hostility for the collective would tune into the ever present divinity and awesomeness life presents. Feet on the ground, head in the sky, and heart everywhere in between.













 “At moments of restriction, fantasy alone [can] lift people above dreariness. Fantasy is a flower that does not flourish on passivity.” 

-Elsa Schiaparelli

Fashion (n.): a manner of doing something.

Everything is fashion, just as everything is an art and a science. It is not just material or something thrown on the body. Every jolt, every physical activity, is a fashion. Playing a sport is a fashion of its own. Dancing at a concert, decorating a home, driving a car, making a sandwich is a fashion of its own. Fashion is a reality we constantly execute though we tend to overlook its artful omnipresence.
It is no coincidence that the noun "fashion" shares the same word for two "different" definitions, for fashion is a fashion of itself; a "parallelodox" if you will. It is one of the most important manners of doing something for social norm deems we must clothe ourselves before exiting out into the public. Fashion is something one cannot escape. Those uninvolved with the artistic realm of fashion may deem it materialistic or shallow, but when a deeper look is taken, one will find rather that fashion is a manner of expressing internal creative freedoms that are then morphed into physical reality onto the self. This realm is a wondrous place where the limit does not exist and whimsy is welcomed. Here, one’s inner divine can shine through the art of fashion.

It surrounds and inspires us everywhere, from the body to nature and science, film and music, architecture and interior design.

 Within this network are collaborators expressing the art of lavishing the self where its creators brains stir up elaborate ideas that are meticulously born into the physical plane through love, vision, and powerful will. Fashion is a science of the creative mind and an art of the passionate heart. Fashion: an ideal exemplification of the science of art and the art of science.

When every girl is young, she develops an inherent attraction to ethereal and fanciful things, be it mermaids and princesses, butterflies and ponies, sparkles and bubbles, fantasy and magic. Starting from the earliest ages, we perpetually dream of ways to transcend from the world of normalcy and deem ourselves divine; and it is through the art of fashion that this transcendence is made.

La Femme Parallel,  the marvelous rhythm created by Thievery Corporation., is French for "The Parallel Woman." This notion draws that we run parallel to who we were, who we are, and who we dream to become. We never stray from who we start out as for our love for the divine and extra shine never fades as we constantly transform the self from the mundane through the art of fashion.  The Iris Mayan aesthetic personifies this parallel woman as she possesses a wondrous "gleam, dream, beam" aura while adorned in the gilded and grandiose.  Our earliest passions run parallel to those throughout our lives as human beings; and the evolution of aesthetic admiration and creation will never perish. From ancient times to modern day, women have channeled and will continue to channel their creativity (Shakti) towards the art of lavishing the self.


Shakti (ˈSHəktē):  the female principle of divine energy; the ancient sanskrit term translates as power or empowerment and is the primordial feminine energy that is “considered to be the motive force behind all action and existence in the phenomenal cosmos.”

Shakti is the personification of divine feminine creative power, also referred to as “The Great Divine Mother” in Hinduism, mainly manifested through female embodiment and creativity. Female energy stores itself in the right side of the brain, which is the creative and artistic side. It is a curved, arbitrary energy that affects the universe from within. Shakti is the free spirit in humans, the electric feel of passion, of emotion, of taste, of feeling, of intuition, of music, of art, “[it's the] land of unbridled possibilities,”(Jordan Pearce.) Life could not exist without this form of energy for it births and nourishes life. It is the energy that creates the exquisite wonder before our eyes, be it in Mother Nature or through the arts such as Fashion.
Fashion could not exist without the woman for it relies on her sensualness, wonder and electricity. We often talk of the goddesses of the sky, but they exist here on Earth. Observe these goddesses empowering Shakti as they channel their divine, feminine air with effortless poise and light. Men and women both possess this feminine energy, while their masculine energy is stored in the left side of the brain. Neither is greater nor weaker, for they dependent on each other and are extremely powerful when fully manifested. The science, the analytical, the linearity and precision that fashion requires in order for these creations to come to life is the constructive use of masculine energy. However, the influential men that shine within this world innately channel Shakti as they too understand and value the artfulness, beauty, and imaginative creativity pulsing throughout the Fashion Realm.

“Without this playing with fantasy no creative work has ever yet come to birth. The debt we owe to the play of the imagination is incalculable.” -Carl Jung

Carl Jung, the first psychiatrist to view the human psyche as by “nature religious” and also considered by many to be the “Darwin of the Mind,” touches on how the mind operates, both consciously and unconsciously. He claims these two so-called “separate” operations are in actuality one “collective unconscious” unit. One finds the self’s totality, one’s wholeness when accepting and understanding the synthesis of the self uniting the conscious with the unconscious (also known as the Individuation Process.) Accepting this theory is the most important of archetypes says Jung. Archetypes are universal, archaic patterns and images that derive from the collective unconscious and are the psychic counterpart of instinct. These hidden forms transform once they enter consciousness for they then enter the physical world and are subjected to particular portrayal. These patterns can only be deduced indirectly by examining behavior, images, arts, myths, religions or dreams which is why Fashion as by “nature religious” perfectly executes this process (unconsciously, ironically.)
The “Surreal Fashion District” welcomes nonconformity and uniqueness as it overflows with the serene and divine, the wild and whimsical, the sexy and striking. This District fluidly merges with nature as the subject fully embraces the surrounding environment as well as the self. This is a world where one can escape the mundane and seek to release the creative potential of the collective unconscious. Audacity is preferred: all things gilded, grandiose and surreal. Here, you can become the dream you see yourself to be.